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Default Re: Broken intake stud resolution

Originally Posted by ibcnya View Post
A cobble is

Cobble may refer to:

A particular size of rock, larger than gravel
Cobblestone, partially-rounded rocks used for road paving
Hammerstone, a prehistoric stone tool
Tyringham Cobble, a nature reserve in Tyringham, Massachusetts, U.S.
Bartholomew's Cobble, a park near Sheffield, Massachusetts, U.S.

In other in a cobble with my bike engine getting replaced any time soon.
That is the definition of the word cobble. However in the context it is used as a slang word, so the official definition does not apply. Used in the context it was used is, it means something that you put together, you assembled, you took parts and "cobbled" them together. These parts may or may not have been intended to be assembled the way you assembled them.

If you want all the crappy original parts replaced that costs extra. There are people that do that on the kits they sell. ChrisHill of Home of the CH bicycle engine, CH80 Bicycle Engine Kits by Chris Hill, Motorized Bicycles, Bike Engine, Bike Motor, Bicycle Motor kit offers kits with all the crappy parts replaced.

Also, the seller you purchased from has explained that the engine you purchased was not the engine advertised with the 6 month warranty.
I also had a stud that had to be cobbled together because of similar problems. I fixed it myself because I knew the seller couldn't be expected to cover this issue. It seems rather ridiculous to expect what you're expecting. Fix it and ride it till it breaks again, then fix it again. It's not like all the problems you can have haven't already been discussed and fixed. Read, read, and then read some more and stop trying to get someone else to take responsibility for the problem you're having and fix it yourself. In a few years you will be thankful that you learned how to fix stuff yourself and love not needing to rely on anyone to fix anything for you.
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