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I've been riding bikes all my life, even after I got my first car. Built choppers in the 60's, moved up to motorcycles, in the 70's,but still rode my bicycles, quite often. Raced motorcycles, (motocross), in high school, have worked on cars and motorcycles since starting high school. I've laced many motorcycle and bicycle wheels, rebuilt lots of motors, cars and motorcycle, (2 and 4 stroke). My newest burning desire is to build a board track style bicycle. I am close to ordering an 80cc chinese 2 stroke motor from Ebay, I have an OLD 26'' Evans girls frame, that's been laying around, since the 60's,built in the 40's or 50's, I HAVE to do a Google serial # check on that, maybe I can find out. I will cut this frame and bend a new down tube, much lower and cradling the motor, and new top tubes. Making some tube bending jigs now. Will match and polish the ports, probably cut the intake side of the piston skirt, fab a new intake, expansion chamber, change motor hardware and crank bearings. I want to run either a castor/synthetic mix,(mixing it myself), or Maxima Castor 927... LOVE the smell of castor, takes me back to the 60's, and my first experiences with auto racing (midgets on a dirt track). I'm sure that I should break in the motor before using any mix of synthetic though. Glad to be a member, and thank you all for your inspiration!
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