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Default Hello all!

Hi! My names Jim and I'm addicted to motorized bicycling. I got my first MotoBike just last month after searching for weeks for a local bike and scrounging the money together to buy it, I finally was able to get a "project" bike. What got me interested in "Motorized Bicycles" was watching shows like "American Pickers" and the new show "Whats in the Barn"... Seeing the early Indian and Harley motorized bikes just got my dreams going, and aggravated the wife, because that's all I could talk about. I know I'm addicted because the only time I get on a computer now is when I'm at work or researching the best parts for my bike, or watching YouTube videos on adjusting the clutch or carb...

This addiction is horrible, I don't sit on the couch and watch TV anymore, err unless its the above mentioned shows.. I don't play games on my computer, or read the drama on Facebook like I used to. Even at work I show off my bike! And now other people are wanting MotoBikes! And what do I do? I let them ride my bike to drive their need! What do I do? I help others feed the need with stories.. I've even started a blog about my bike!

Is there a cure? I sure hope not!

Thanks for listening! err.. reading!


ps. If you'd like to know more, hop on over to

Its a typical blog so start at the bottom... WordPress needs to ad a feature to sort differently!
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