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Default Re: Safety running WOT (i'm scared)

Just a note/story:
My first bike was some older schwinn from craiglist with some unkown china girl engine. The thing was a piece of junk as far as asthetics go. It looked like crap, it was rusty, the engine was old as ****, it leaked oil, and the muffler was attached using steel wire (my improv when the bolts snapped and I didn't re-tap it right). But I rode everywhere WOT, rode it in rain, let it sit out in the rain, and it was super reliable and never broke (it ended up getting stolen). The thing was a TANK. Then I buy a new bike and everything but the motor itself breaks lol. However my bike is pretty much all after market (well... not stock) now (pipe, chain, carb, bearings in wheels, chain tensioner, custom grips, brakes, spark plug, spark plug boot and wire, fuel line, engine mount with lock-tite) so I probably won't have to touch anything for a long time.
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