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Default Safety running WOT (i'm scared)

Hey guys. I have a grubee 66cc engine, an X chamber tuned to top-end, an NT carb, and a stock sprocket on a micargi bicycle. I cruise just fine at 20-25mph with no vibrations (how I ride everywhere). Then I get more and more vibration as I climb speed and the chamber kicks in. I top off at 40mph (clocked @ 39 mph on those speed signs) and the revs sound so high and there's so much vibration. I personally don't care about the vibration but everything just sounds scary like somethings going to break. Is it safe to ride for longer periods at this speed or is it just going to destroy the bike somehow? I'm worried about my safety. Thank you

notes: The bike is stable, wheels have almost no play left and right, chain is tight with 1/2 play and proffessionally aligned, no fenders on bike.
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