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Default Re: Bent rear axle

Thanks, I tried to find a heavier axle at a local bike shop and they didn't have one. Can I get one online?
I'm finding all kinds of troubles. The axle was no problem to make from the head bolt. The threads do not match the bicycle's threads. I took it to a bolt supply house, here and the closest they could determine was also a 10mm x 1.0. They said manufacturers sometimes use generic sizes? This size doesn't match the nuts and bearing races threads. Very close. So I re-tapped them only to find that the bearing races are too hard to tap and the edge of one crumbled.
Unless I can get all the parts, I'm considering going to all 7/16" or 1/2" and use sealed bearings.
I'm also looking for a tool that I can remove the gear cluster because there's a bearing and retainer nut under there.

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