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Default Re: How choppy is too choppy for stock china girl?

Originally Posted by Jumpa View Post
Finesse is something your born with and fine tune over the years.
It sounds to me like '' no offence intended'' your buddy isn't very mechanically inclined.

I notice a lot people who are not very M.I. just can't seem to ride very well and they can be very dangerous, it's as if have no feel or ear for what the motor is doing or about to do they CAN HURT THEM SELVES OR WORSE YOUR BIKE
P.S I Can't stand this tiny key board windows needs to incorporate a copy paste / change from upper case to lower case on account I hate retyping junk.

i will agree wit the mechanically inclined part. Im the one that actually rebuilt that bike for him along with building my bicycle. First time actually doing my own project with my own two hands with never riding a bicycle for years till this year lol but i will say that he did take two spills on the bicycle while trying to turn that i think could of been avoided.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
This is a common problem and is more prevalent with youngsters who have never been exposed to vehicles with manual transmissions. There is a 'feel' that one acquires for engine speed and clutch engagement that only comes with experience. Coordinating those two elements takes a little practice but almost anyone can master the technique given enough time.

Of course it helps if the person has at least a rudimentary understanding of the mechanics involved but not absolutely necessary. I don't know how a computer works, but I can use one.

Tell your friend to ride more and practice using the clutch properly. Both he and the bike will be happier.

well he knows a manual considering him and i have been driving manual performance cars for the past 7 years. Hes got a civic si and i have a built wrx. i will admit, using ur left hand is a bit difference with engaging the clutch as opposed to using ur foot, but i will have that down to a "T" since ill be goin thru my motorcycle classes sometime this year.
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