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Default Re: what does wot mean ???

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I know this will not set well probably but fact is when I was younger and hadn't matured I used some of those words to express myself but once I grew up I realized that keeping things nice and clean makes the point just as well and is the respectable way to go, ill just stick with a simple WOT why pervert something so simple.......?

Peace, map

No issues at all, Buddy! I know that some folks use the acronyms as a more PC way of getting their message across than using the actual words. I also grew up in the days before instant messaging, telephone in your pocket, and digital in general. I learned computer programming on punch cards --- and that was extremely high tech in the day! Sometimes, I still feel a little silly using the acronyms, but I guess they're almost dictionary worthy these days..............go figure.

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