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Default Re: How choppy is too choppy for stock china girl?

Originally Posted by dumpstercrusher View Post
well if it were me riding it i wouldn't care as much but since its a spare bike and my buddy rides it he complains that its so jerky (hes just not that INTO motorized bicycles as i am)
Finesse is something your born with and fine tune over the years.
It sounds to me like '' no offence intended'' your buddy isn't very mechanically inclined.

I notice a lot people who are not very M.I. just can't seem to ride very well and they can be very dangerous, it's as if have no feel or ear for what the motor is doing or about to do they CAN HURT THEM SELVES OR WORSE YOUR BIKE
P.S I Can't stand this tiny key board windows needs to incorporate a copy paste / change from upper case to lower case on account I hate retyping junk.

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