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Default Re: Difference between 34t and 36t sprocket?

Originally Posted by bigbutterbean View Post
The general rule of thumb is about 1 mph per tooth, with less teeth adding more speed. Therefore, a 34t would get you roughly 2mph more than a 36t. In actuality, you may not see much difference with losses from friction in the drivetrain. While we are on the subject, and inch of diameter on a belt pulley or wheel is equal to one tooth on a toothed gear. Therefore a 24" wheel would go 2mph slower than a 26" wheel. Just a little fyi on gear sizes.
thanks! im not looking at top speed because when u get above 40 mph it gets a bit scary on a bicycle lol, but more in if there is any noticeable difference. Doesnt have to be big, jus a tad. im debating if i should move to a 34t sprocket so i can put my 36t on the spare bike I have, but then that changes my cruising speeds. I normally cruise at 25-30 by myself because my powerband is so smooth, but my spare bike can not keep up with me so i have to cruise around 20 which makes it jerky when letting off the throttle.
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