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Default How choppy is too choppy for stock china girl motor?

Now im just curious about this since its my buddies bike or you could say the spare bike since its for anyone that comes over that would like to cruise, but how choppy is the stock motor whn first starting the engine? I replaced the piston rings and magneto side crank seal because i used them and it was a brand new motor. Now this motor has somewhere around 50? miles on it. I know its supposed to be choppy because its new and hasnt been broken into and also the crank isnt balanced of course but how choppy is the stock motor? when you pick up speed the choppiness goes away but of course the vibrations kick in, but i think that can be adjusted by adding a smaller sprocket in the back like a 36 tooth. Im just curious about this because i dont remember if my stock motor was ever that choppy
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