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Default Re: What exactly is a "Schwinn" bicycle

Cronus is a China Schwinn. I do remember the made in the USA Schwinns and they were significantly heavier but Cronus is aluminum.
Right away I see China quality. The head badge was the biggest turn off. I mean C'MON CHINA! How much are you really saving by making a plastic STICK ON badge as opposed to a RIVETED METAL badge the way Schwinn has always done? And the parts are below par. My original coaster wheel bent within the first 100 miles of motorizing. And my coaster failed prematurely with the re greasing only a temporary fix. Then the replacement rims I went cheap on also made in China. Just not holding up to my weight. That wheel man wheel should keep things in order. In comparison my Montgomery Ward 70's USA newspaper bike has a heavily patina rear coaster rim that's still straight as an arrow after 200 miles on china 2 stroke riding and I have yet to grease that hub. It's still the original probably factory grease I should scrape it out though when I get that engine rebuilt.
So China does cut corners. But take a piece of machinery here and send it there you can have the same quality. The welds are really nice. and the almost 4 thousand miles on Cronus alone shows no signs of fatigue anywhere on this frame. But they fail in the wheels and in the cosmetics.
An older pre 70's COMPLETE bike in my eyes way better quality. Wheels alone way better.
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