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Default This Motorized bike thing is the cats pajamas

Hello all, I just discovered this amazing world of Motorized bikes. I got my bike from a local 1/2 way put together and already busted up. He broke the front engine mount ear off. I got it for a steal so I figured, what the ****. Took her home and really had to dig into my stash of "ghetto" fixes. Then my first fix decided not to be a fix (I really did that temporarily, but pushed my luck too far. That ended up snapping off mounting tabs and breaking the clutch cover basically in half. So, again I tapped into that overused portion of my brain and came up with another couple of fixes, which at this point, have been reliable for about 200miles.

Here's a couple shots, don't laugh!

Here's the clutch cover, as you can see that's not how it's supposed to look... That is an old hinge I never used, I cut that off and drilled a hole. Got me some 10/32 threaded rod, bent it around the back, and blamo, it works... for now...

Due to the broken front mount, I needed to come up with something to hold the motor down and solid to the frame. Took one side of a u-bolt I had laying around, some 4-40 threaded rod, some welder, and a lot of booze, I came up with this beauty.

Here's a shot of the busted mount. All my problems have been all because of this thing.

All in all I have been stung by the bug. I am in the process of getting a new more modern frame (this frame is an OLD steel huffy style) and starting from scratch with a new kit. As I keep saving money not filling my cars up with gas I plan on upgrading to cooler things as time goes on. Especially that shift kit they make, that is really neat.

Thanks for having me, I plan to make full use of this forum. I've already learned numerous tips just flipping through random threads.

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