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Default Re: MB WannaBe

Originally Posted by hiker472 View Post
Walley World has trikes??
I guess that's what I get for living where Moses left his shoes!

I often thought of doing a trike for the ability to haul stuff and decided to build a side car for my current bike if Spring would arrive!
Hiker, with your talents, go trailer? For all you have done for me, I will build one for ya! (ball and hitch mount that will go great with a 4 stroke coming out next yr)

Cool thing about walmart is they are huge! You can look at their bikes online then get the overworked, underpaid manager to order one for display so you can see it. Then decide if you want it. If you go to 3 different WW stores, they will have different bikes. Sky (and imagination) is the limit.
worst apocalypse ever

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