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Hey, I'm new to the world of Motorized bikes and have a few questions. First off I just finished my build about a week ago and its been running fine, with the exception of the few "minor issues".It took about 4 hours to build and the next day for tuning. For me the hardest part of my build was getting it to start. OK now to the questions, Do I need a license to drive a motorized bike? I know one might say "just get the damn licence" but it is easier said than done if you are under 18-21. First off you need to take a safety course which costs about $200-$300 where i'm at which is almost twice the cost of my bike :O. Also, cops don't really seem to care that much ( but I usually kill the engine when near them just in case). By the way, How do you get a plate for your motorized bike?
I also tried to put on a half link but the pin was too wide because of the cotter pin. I might try one w/ a regular pin. And another thing, motorized bike kits are a lot harder to get due to CARB Regulations. I was lucky to get one for $165 off of craigslist brand new.

Ok so here are some things/bugs i would like to share about my motorized bike:
Factory tight clutch- this is if your clutch does not disengage letting you ride the bike normally/start the bike. I found this video being very helpful

Clutch cable- The cable that comes with the kit is complete garbage. I recommend getting a set of replacement brake cables from Walmart for like 6 bucks.

Spark Plug Cable- I haven't done this yet but im going to replace the spark plug because the stock one messes with my speedometer and turning signals which I need.

This site has helped me a lot in my build and I am just returning the favor
Alright Thank you for reading this and Happy Motorbiking!


Btw here's a pic of me & my motorized bike
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