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Default Re: Broken intake stud resolution


You must give these re-sellers a break! If you know you cobbled something...just ask for a replacement part, and pay for it. I'm not saying that this is the case here...But for future reference...If you cobble some part of your kit, take responsibility for it, and eat it! Otherwise it will not be profitable for them to import these kits. "I know" it's fun to think that they are becoming wildly rich selling Chinese engine kits!

The reality is that they have to put out a fair amount of cash, ($40,000), to get the kits at a price point that makes it worthwhile. They don't make the engine kits. It's a simple wholesale to retail business. The fact that they offer any sort of warranty is amazing! I wouldn't, not even a small chance! I know I could produce a perfect kit...and somebody out there would cobble it up beyond belief. way!