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Default Re: couple of questions

Howdy Neph.

Just curious, your brake pads wore out 2ce in a week? I am thinking it really must be an adjustment issue. Like Scott said.

Just a thought, but what ever kit you decide on and when your just getting into this. I would suggest using one that if you had to, be able to disengage the engine (remove the drive chain) and pedal to work. With a ChinaGirl, 2 stroke kit just remove the engine drive chain and put it in a plastic bag you have in your tool bag. 4 strokes are wider normally and you do not want to pedal one for long. (LOL, don't ask me how I know)
That and carry most every tool you need to build a motorized bicycle.

I say this from personal experience. No matter what engine/drive train/kit/DIY motorized bicycle I have rode and loved. If for some reason I needed to depend on it to absolutely, no matter what be some where at an exact time. Something, somehow and some where went wrong.

I in no way mean to dissuade you. But just starting out and building a motorized bicycle might not be a first choice, best option to commute.

The "cheap and reliable" thing is most often a contradiction in terms.

Just my 2 cents and due to inflation, might be less.
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