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Default Re: bicycle engine oil mix calculator

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
This is a bump, I think there are many out here coming into this hobby for the first time who may find this helpful.

Thanks Paul for posting this way back when, this is a great tool.

Map is another old thread with a pretty thorough discussion an mix ratios, ...there are some haters you'll need to ignore but if you read it through you might be surprised.

100:1 Mix

personally, i chose Opti2 after reading that thread and seeing the caliber of builders who swear by it.

...i've been using the Opti2 from day 1 and while i only have a bit over 400 miles on my new bike it runs like a bat out of h.e.l.l with a max speed so far of 39.52mph, it cruises easily at 30mph.

btw, my bike is just a single speed beach cruiser with a stock chinagirl 66cc, has an NT carb and the air-cleaner is the only thing i've changed on the motor so far, ...i'm shopping for a new exhaust as we speak.

when it comes to oil, 100:1 Opti2 ftw.

peace, bozo
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