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Default built a few projects..current one involving cns carb makin me kakakarazay

Hi, my names Kyle, my current build is on the infamous Genesis onyx. Finally swapped a 66cc stinger sd, with the GT5 Grubee Skyhawk slant head with a high performance cns carb. Broke her in slowly for the first tank(with 8 oz. oil to one gallon of fuel), even then the true out put of these engines could be felt. Finally once broken in switched to 4oz of oil, and it was a dream, and no issues from the dreaded cns carb iv heard about yet at that time. same day I throw a for sale sign on this bike that everybody around these parts seem to have taken a liking to, and find a buyer-- then I pull out and the carb started flooding, and not just from the over flow, from every possible crevice!!Took carb off broke it down and cleaned, adjusted float bowl to allow less fuel in, and flooding seemed to stop. Bike has spark as iv seen and have heard. every so often when iv tried starting itll try to start but with no luck, im wondering if this could be a cause from the drastic flooding previously?any feed back would be appreciated, thank you.

and p.s. if anyones wondering this build is one of a kind ill tell you( as is any one elses personal builds) manic mechanic hub adapter w/t 40 T sprocket,banana expansion chamber, bell springer seat, dual springer monarch forks w/tlafflaff custom made rockers to accept the 29" wheel. dual chrome bullet head lights. 15" rise ape hangers. (wanted to swap rear wheel with a 26" to add a lowered customs effect/ and a peanut sportster tank before I decided to sell)
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