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Default Re: couple of questions

Originally Posted by Neph View Post
hmm... I'm looking on spooky tooth cycles, and they have, essentially, two kits- 2 and 4 stroke, both HuaSheng flying horse models. would it be possible to start off with the 2-stroke, then, in case of failure, get the 4-stroke engine and use the same parts that mounted the old 2-stroke?
Sorry, but your 2 to 4 stroke upgrading idea won't work for many reasons.

The 4 stroke kit from has the Much better Grubee 4G
gearbox than the chain drive pocket bike boxes used with the Spooky
tooth or BikeBerry kits and is only $30 more.

the Spooky tooth or BikeBerry so called "5G" gearbox has no relation to
a Grubee 4G T tooth belt gearbox.

There is no such thing as a Huasheng flying horse kit.
Spooky tooth and BikeBerry are the same company based out of Brea, CA.
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