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Default Re: Any tips/advice appreciated

Originally Posted by aj502 View Post
2nd opinion:
I am set on a 4 stroke engine, and am leaning to a Honda GXH50.
Has anyone an opinion on this engine?
Any other 4 stroke engines you think are reliable (i.e. "best"). I'm talking about the old Dodge slant 6 bulletproof reliability here.
...I'll also add a small electrical circut, along with a schmidt dynamo hub later for lighting if that would have any impact in engine opinion.

3rd: Gearbox
All I can do is read, read, read on this. It seems the EZM Q-matic is a good fit to the above Honda engine but none of this is set in stone. Again, reliability is of utmost importance here.
No need for a clutch lever, but it's not out of the question if it's a matter of durability.

4th: Rear Hub drive
This is my biggest dillema. I've seen the clamps with rubber and already know I do not want to go that route. A big ring on the spokes isn't really what I want either.
I will be building a hi end wheel from HD spokes, Mavic rim to Schwalbe's bullet proof Marathon Plus tires.
The hub is pending because I will use whatever the "best" rear gear setup is needed.
The "Sportsman" sprocket adapter in the ad on left looks pretty damn solid. Anyone have experience with this? Or any other "solid" rear sprocket setup?

I'd like to have disc brakes BUT maybe there's a rear sprocket that attaches to the disc hub mount? V-Brakes will suffice for the rear.
Something that'll help the chain from flying off into the spokes should something happen would be a big plus.(I saw a thread here with someone in SF that made one...)
Keep in mind, I want a 7 speed cassette, or even an internal shifting hub.
No coaster brake hub here, folks.

here is an option for you.
A good copy of the Honda GXH50 with a good gearbox.

Add a Sick Bike Parts 4 stroke shift kit to it with a 3 or 5 speed internal shifting hub.

The "Sportsman" sprocket adapter only fits a coaster brake hub.

Yes you can attach the rear sprocket to a 6 bolt disc brake mount.
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