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Default Any tips/advice appreciated

Yes, this will be another new member asking advice on the "best" parts to get.
And please excuse me as I have a feeling my 1st post here will be a long one as well.

Any and all comments with experiences will be greatly appreciated, but 1st I'll tell you what I have in mind.
I don't expect anyone to reply on EVERYTHING I ask here, just hit on any particular point.

I am pretty mechanically inclined so wrenching things is not a problem.
The kits out there that I have seen might be good or bad, but I have seen none that has the right combination for me.

The build I want is to be first and formost reliable - Of course I expect to do some maintenence and "things" will happen but I will be making a daily commuter bike so durabililty and longevity is my primary goal (along with comfortability ofc).
It will not have to be a hi end turbo racer - a 30mph-ish gait is fine with me.
It is mainly a flatlander but ofc I don't wanna get off and push it up a hill.
I will eventually add racks for carrying stuff. Not going to haul auto batteries, but I'd want it to tote around a case or two of beer (not it's primary purpose, just saying). Perhaps a small cart in tow at times.

I am set on having a rear derailleur for pedaling - perhaps even an internal shifter hub. If for whatever reason the engine craps out, I don't want to be single gear pedaling the thing.
I haven't recalled seeing any of these with front crank shifters - is this just too much of a hassle to implement?

I weigh about 170lbs and am 5'8" if this will make a difference...

1st advice is probably pretty simple.
I have a Gary Fisher mtn bike (frame) I "might" use. I thought I read somewhere on alluminum frames being a no-no. It IS a solid frame, but it also wasn't built for an engine.
Not dedicated to using that particular frame, but if I go with a mtn bike frame, I'd prolly use it as it already has some good components (Hyd fork, SRAM shifter/cassette, cranks, etc..) .

2nd opinion:
I am set on a 4 stroke engine, and am leaning to a Honda GXH50.
Has anyone an opinion on this engine?
Any other 4 stroke engines you think are reliable (i.e. "best"). I'm talking about the old Dodge slant 6 bulletproof reliability here.
...I'll also add a small electrical circut, along with a schmidt dynamo hub later for lighting if that would have any impact in engine opinion.

3rd: Gearbox
All I can do is read, read, read on this. It seems the EZM Q-matic is a good fit to the above Honda engine but none of this is set in stone. Again, reliability is of utmost importance here.
No need for a clutch lever, but it's not out of the question if it's a matter of durability.

4th: Rear Hub drive
This is my biggest dillema. I've seen the clamps with rubber and already know I do not want to go that route. A big ring on the spokes isn't really what I want either.
I will be building a hi end wheel from HD spokes, Mavic rim to Schwalbe's bullet proof Marathon Plus tires.
The hub is pending because I will use whatever the "best" rear gear setup is needed.
The "Sportsman" sprocket adapter in the ad on left looks pretty damn solid. Anyone have experience with this? Or any other "solid" rear sprocket setup?

I'd like to have disc brakes BUT maybe there's a rear sprocket that attaches to the disc hub mount? V-Brakes will suffice for the rear.
Something that'll help the chain from flying off into the spokes should something happen would be a big plus.(I saw a thread here with someone in SF that made one...)
Keep in mind, I want a 7 speed cassette, or even an internal shifting hub.
No coaster brake hub here, folks.

These are the 4 main things I'd like experiences, opinion and advice on.
Now that i look at it, they are probably the first 4 things everyone should look at, minus cost which I haven't mentioned and will hit on now.

You can tell I want a reliable motorized bicycle and if you are familiar with some of the components I have mentioned, you'll know they won't be found anywhere near your average Wal Mart Huffy.

That being said, cost is not an option but I am not going to be plating everything with 24c gold.
However, I have no problem at all paying for quality as again I must reiterate I want reliability and duribility for an everyday commuter.

So hey! If ya made it through this far I appreciate it just for that!

And if you have any advice on anything I mentioned, or even a question, please feel free to post it!

Thank you very much for all future replies

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