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Default Re: new motorized bike

24 to 28 is a good ball park gap. 30 is on the wide side but some guys swear by it.

Experimentation will tell you where you need to go but as we always suggest, don't get too excited about performance until your engine has seen 200 to 300 miles. Things will start to change for the better after than. You're right on the money with your oil ratio. No need to change that unless you want to play around with some of the exotics that run 100:1.

I'm a little curious about what you mean by, " getting hot". Hot compared to what? All internal combustion engines will get hot, too hot to touch in most cases. That's normal. The heating problems usually come when an air cooled engine is left to idle without air moving over it. Long extended static conditions can cause an engine to overheat. The Chinese 2 strokes do not have any means to self cool; no fans, no shrouds, only cooling fins that need moving air.

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