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Default Re: new motorized bike

i have had my bike for bout 4 months now and am still learning about it..i have a quick question for anyone willing to help..i have the stock spark plug still in the motor. i went to change it out, got a #5 n 6 NGkbhs spark plug. i didnt gap it to what bikeberry recommended cause that looked awfully big. started getting hot on the way to work so waited for it to cool n pulled it..looks black like its rich(im runnin 32:1 at moment still) gapped it to .30 ran for 2 days but kinda ragged n it was still getting question is (keep in mind its all just basic,no perf. parts) what is the RIGHT spark plug and do you gap it and if so, what would anyone recommend.. i appreciate any suggestions and thank you also..starting to get a little frustrated and i really like this bike
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