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Default Re: reason behind turning the fuel petcock off?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
FD, I quoted you in school today. Was too funny. For the life of me I couldn't do the trig to make an angle on a clamp. They deliberately didn't give the angle on the drawing. So the poor dumb Son Of a Bicyclist had to do the math. After three tries, I gave up and put a protractor on the drawing. I was 15 minutes and zero degrees wrong but well within tolerance. The guy (expletive math wiz) next to me was taking his time telling me how wrong it was that I took that approach.

I looked at his part and said, "it is your clamp. Build it your way"

LOL, and he got the math wrong and was out of tolerance.

Really do enjoy your posts and your approach to building.

If it ain't fun, why bother?
Thanks Dan, I really do enjoy building and riding these things. And I'm glad to see any "know it all SOB" get put in his place. Good one.
And I say if it ain't fun, Don't do it. And if it is fun. Do it again.
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