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Default Re: Newbie in need of help...

Look in the classic posts you will find good info there.
The master link should be installed with the open end of the clip( the flat open ended thing that holds the master link together) pointing toward the rear of the bike as the chain goes over the front sprocket on the engine( top part of chain on bike going into engine when bike is going forward)
that clip that holds the master link together should be put over one stud of the master link then pushed over the other stud it will sort of snap on the stud don't bend the clip over the studs as it will not stay on when bent.
I hope I didn't confuse you.
I think I've posted on the classic posts on how to install the master link clip do look there as there is a lot of reading and also pictures. If you run into a snag that you can't figure out PM me and I'll do my best to help and that goes for anyone else reading this. I can't help if you don't ask.
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