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Originally Posted by buba View Post
thanks map for posting the welder info

the harbor freight is improved model 90 amp knurled wire feed rollers 89 bucks!!! on special
but no gas shielding capacity all the welders you referenced have the gas regulator

i will sit tight a few days and see if anyone has a used unit with gas
local to los angeles and then make my decision if nothing turns up that makes sense

having fun with all my grinders, angle iron cutters, and various wire brushes found that the wire brush -twisted wires on a polisher works great for removing paint or? to clean and prep to bear metal
not too fast with the variable speed of the polisher that things are prone to flying off or at you
always wear good gloves and great full face shield!!!
also loving various mandrels to shape the cut frame tubes and stays to round for sleeve reinforced connections

stay safe

Hope you can find just what you want and need, I have one of the harbor freight models that will do flux core and also mig with gas sheild, I cant testify to its quality because its still new in box as of yet, I been doing all my welding with stick and torch until I get my new shop finished and then Ill break out the mig and plan to get a tig in the future also.....

Best wishes to ya and yes stay safe with those wire wheels and grinders.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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