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Default Re: Newbie is this kit any good?

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
Yeah, honestly I started buying from them when I got a single outstanding engine the first time. It had the red insert clutch lever and ran like a champ from day one.This engine lasted me over 10k miles without giving me a single problem! I never needed to pull the engine apart, so I never did look inside the cases to see what was different, but it was the single best ht I ever saw. I recently sold the bike it is on and it's still running strong.
I've heard something about rico group motors being exceptional and I'm pretty sure this was one of them. I have never since seen the red insert clutch lever but I would love to find more of these kits to see if it was just chance.
The kits I now get all have been good running and durable as far as I know. I have never yet had one of my buyers call back with a major engine issue, so I assume they all still run. The only issue I ever had was one early kit came with a bad coil winding which was replaced free and fast.
All china kits are something of a cr-pshoot, but I like knowing the vendor stands behind his engine kits. I highly recommend these (this)vendors based on buying many, many kits problem free.
(Your results may vary)

20+ kits down the pipe with good results sounds like a winner to me....... thanks for the great info.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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