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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well, simply loosening the screws on the petcock did not work as well as I thought it would. Was heading to work, engine stalling again. Tried playing with the idle and a couple other things, nothing. Bike would only start with the choke on, if I turned the choke off or gave it gas, it died. I decided to take my air filter cover and bowl off the carb. the first thing I noticed was a crapload of dirt in the air filter. Cleaned that and decided to remove my breather tube from my pcv inlet on the carb. Eventually I'll find something to use as a catch can, but for now I'm venting the crankcase to open air. I also found a ton of crud in the gas that was in the bowl when I drained it. Once I opened both petcocks and no gas came out with the bowl off, I knew it was a fuel flow issue. I took the carb petcock off and put it back together, and the fuel started flowing again. After a few attempts to start, she finally fired up and stayed running. Gave her gas and she didn't die. I killed the engine several times and restarted it to make sure it wasn't a fluke. The engine runs perfectly fine now. I'm extremely happy. I also played around with my generator mounts a bit, because the generator which was free and came without all the hardware, had moved and wasnt making contact with the tire. I used a hose clamp to put some tension on the mounts to where it wont move anymore, so thats good to go now too. Ordered a 12v sla battery to replace the nicads that are currently wired in series to produce 14.4v (actually something like 16v when fully charged) because with the charger only putting out 12v, its actually draining the battery. I'm going to disconnect the charger from the battery until the new one arrives.
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