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Default Re: Newbie is this kit any good?

Never bought an engine kit from bikeberry but it is like as good as any of the standard engine kits, as you will find by reading a lot on this forum, mostly of the kits are just about as big of a crap shoot as the next, some may be a bit better than others but im not sure which one that would be, personally I think the best kits I've seen are the X80 kits sold on ebay by a seller that goes by (LEB) luckyearlybird, I bought one of the lowers they were offering at one time and it had noticably better parts. I think they sell the kit for $146.99 free shipping
If I were at home on my computer I'd include a link but im at work on my phone tonight.

Hope this helps , go to ebay and search X80 engine kit and look for luckyearlybird as the seller.

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