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Default Re: Like I needed another hobby...

Originally Posted by knightscape View Post
Thanks! The push rod that goes through to the clutch doesn't seem interested in moving, so I'll heave to dig into the clutch from the other side to see if it's bound up or what. That diagram will help!
That pin is called the 'bucking bar' and you won't be able to push it in by hand. The clutch spring is too strong. There is also a ball bearing in the hole behind that pin. The bore, the pin and the ball all need to move easily and be well lubricated. But the pin won't move until you have the clutch actuator cover on and can use the lever or have the cable and handlebar lever connected.

My guess is that the engine has been sitting out in the elements for a while. The magneto coil might be okay but to be on the safe side I'd replace it. They're cheap.

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