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Looks real good! And now it does look like a small chopper. Motor tucks right in there and will look factory. Cool bike.

Drilling out the hub and rim spoke holes is about all you need to do. That wheel is also 20" is that right? Whatever it is you will want to get spokes of the same length preferably in 11 gauge and it will match the Worksman. (Husky Bicycles may have what you need.) I couldn't see the spoke pattern on the back wheel very well, but you would want to do the same pattern as the Worksman wheel... no tucking a spoke behind another since it is too hard to bend the spoke in 11 gauge and being short make it even harder to do that. Tucking behind on the last crossover for narrower gauge spokes is to increase the strength of the wheel. You're going to end up with a stout wheel under you and some real peace of mind. You're doing a fine job on this build. Who'd a thunk it would turn out like this!
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