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Default Re: reason behind turning the fuel petcock off?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I had a bike, since sold it, that my knee would hit the petcock and turn it off. Care to guess how I found out what was happening?

So embarrassing to be cruising down the street, fat dumb and happy, pretending you're Peter Fonda and have the engine sputter and die only to look down and see that little lever in the horizontal position.
All of my bikes since that one have the petcock where my knee doesn't touch it.

LOL Tom. Ya gotta post a pic of that bike to complete the mental image

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
I used to have a problem with the choke screw loosening up. I'd be motoring along, the the engine would start sounding weird and abruptly die.
I'd dither with it for twenty minutes or so, finding nothing. I'd try starting her again - and she'd start! But then die a moment later. WTF?
Boy I felt so stupid when I finally figured it out. Then I bought a nylock nut.
2 funny Allen. My very first China Girl did that. Took me a month to figure out to tighten the screw holding it.

We really need to make a concerted effort to help new folks not think they are doing some thing dumb when Lord knows, we all done it a time or 12. LoL, or at least me has.
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