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Originally Posted by builder bob View Post
Thanks! I really hope it works out. I hopefully will be able to get a bunch of parts next weekend.

Do you know if I have to keep the pedals because I've read over the registration requirements a bunch of times and every time I reed it I think a different thing.
They have changed the wording so it looks like you don't have to have the pedals to assist you. Which makes the law apply to scooters. Your ride has to fit the following 3 requirements to get registered:
1. Has a cylinder capacity of no more than fifty (50) cubic centimeters (cc)
2. Has an automatic transmission
3. Is capable of a maximum speed of not more than 30 m.p.h

I always refer to my engine as being a 49.5cc when is really supposedly 66cc. (I don't believe that for a minute.)

I refer to my clutch as an "engager" and not a clutch. When you say clutch people think "gears" and these bikes have one, unless you have a jack shaft kit. essentially the clutch engages the engine to work with the gears, there is no shifting involved. See what I did there? I made up my own story that works withthe law.

You'll notice that the first page of the registration form says a motor assisted bicycle can only got 25mph, stick with that, if anyone asks you how fast it can go, say 25. The woman at the RMV did ask me how fast it would go, I stuck to 25 even though I can probably eek 30- 35mph at WOT going downhill with a stiff breeze behind me.

Here is the thing, mopeds have pedals and bikes have pedals. You are going to want the pedals on this thing, even if you get a tag a cop can pull you over.

The key to registering a motor assisted bicycle in MA is to have the forms all filled out in advance and be ready with your money. Read this thread in the law section for how to do it. I have been successful now 3 times, and one of my builds was a 33cc Ryobi weedwacker bike. Good luck on your build!

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