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Default Newbie in need of help...

Hello everyone,

To begin with, I am an avid cyclist (have been for years). I have built multiple road and mountain bikes from the frame up without a problem. I was handed down a free bicycle, and ran across a fellow at work who stuck a motor on his cruiser. After being passed day in and day out on the way to work I decided to investigate into motorized bikes. I did a little research and purchsed a 80cc kit from some ebay seller.

Well it came today and I couldnt wait to get it on her. Everything was going fine until I came to installing the chain. The provided instructions were horrible, so I thought the 415 chain was just like any regular bike chain, so I broke it and after the fact was looking for the replacement retaining pin. Well theres no such thing, apparently these larger chains use a "Master Link" which I found after I had already broke the chain.

Ive ordered a new 415 chain from a place in Florida, and do not want to make the costly mistake again. Ive got no idea how to work with the master link properly.

Long read, so the cliffs notes there a good tutorial for installing the 415 chain on an 80cc chinese 2 stroke motor kit?

Im lost (and frustrated) here!!!

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