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Default couple of questions

alright, so this is the second time I've posted here- the first time I had just got a "maybe" on a job and was trying to sort transportation on a tight budget. I was looking for something cheap and reliable, and members pointed me toward . now, I've got a full job, and my needs have changed- now it's just reliability I need XP

I'd like a chain engine kit, but from what I've read around the forums, a chinese engine is the last thing I want, and that's all I can find. so question 1) anyone know of any non-chinese engine kits? point me to a vendor?

I already have the bike I intend to put it on, and it's a beast- 29" rims. problem is, the brakes on it don't seem to be sufficient. I've already replaced them twice in a week, before giving up an just dealing with it- using my feet and such. obviously, this isn't going to work with an engine on it, so question 2) what kind of brake options are available? I heard of disc brakes being applied to bikes before, and that seems to be a preferable option. again, pointing to a vendor would be nice.

thanks in advance, motorized bicycle forums :3
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