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Default Re: Should I trade my 1995 Clear creek Schwinn for this

OH YEA I FORGOT TO MENTION THE OYSTERS I LOVVVVE THEM i GRE UP EATING THEM RAW A fond memory of my father and I is when we would sit down with a orange burlap bag full of them, him my brother and I would sit there watching a Muhammad Ali fight while slurping on raw oysters they are what I call ''the taste of the sea'' when eaten raw.
Up here in the cool Atlantic waters they come out of the ocean with a healthy almost green colored shell. They can be a S.O.B. to open over if they figure out what your doing to them, so ya gotta kinda sneak up on them when shucking them the years though you develop a skill to get them open quick and wil minimal effort it's all i nte wrist in the many i've shucked in my life i've never found an oyster with a pearl in it.

My mouth is watering thinking about them right noW .Did you know back in the late 1700's early 1800's the prisoners were fed lobster and clams and oysters they were considered food for the poor and undesirable because they were so abundantly available. I'm gonna have to go dig some up now you lit the fire Map.

oh no I'm not going to any such thing i just remembered WE can only get them ''eat them raw'' in months that have an 'R'' in the name So nothing till September'' THEY GET way to Warm in the summer months and a certain kind of bac.T. grows in them thats isnt good for us humans it turns the oyster juice kind of milky.
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