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Default Re: MBA Motors Mortorized Mountain Bike Anyone?? HELP??? HELP.....

I HAVE THAT SAME BIKE!!!! mine tho has become a single speed heartbreak... the back wheel axle is no longer in perfect working order... the guy i bought if from misinformed me about the fuel and the engine locked up but i got it fixed at a lawnmower shop... the guy said i could buy a new one for 200 but i didn't have the cash... i love how this thing runs... i did a trip from long beach to Irvine California in 1 and 1/2 hrs down PCH and it was awesome... the battery compartment on mine fell down because the bolts came loose so i just taped it to the top of the bracket, so no longer has a battery in there but it was pointless to have it in there anyways cause the battery cant charge.. the battery i bought brand new died in a couple of weeks of use (i exchanged it and bought an external battery charger and that worked till the thing fell off). i am now thinking about selling it but i really like the frame too much.. i haven't seen many gas bikes with shocks ... and they do come in handy.the front wheel is fine, the body is fine, the engine spills a bit of oil but that's because i had to bore out the cylinders to get it to run again. ive only gone 41 mph as u claim going down a hill lol (i had a speedometer and i could get to 35 but it was loud so i would cruse at 25).. i did have the same problem as you going up hills but my hills were not 1/2 mile incline... they were steep but short distance so the pedal assist works.. in conclusion the only real problem to my bike is the back hub. this vital component holds the flywheel and the sprockets (form me now single sprocket) and the wheel. if i don not find a replacement this bike is done. pictures to come soon!
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