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Thats cool Tom, I'll do a search for that myself, I cast my own bullets for several calibers of firearms and I have been thinking about making my own .22cal pellet mold at some point when I can find the time to mess with it, I really like the .22 cal air rifles above the .177 cal for the added knock down, even though one of my best rifles is a .177cal.
I plan to get a PCP (Pre Charged Pneumatic) rifle in the future, I think I'm gonna go with the .25cal, the Benjamin/Crossman Marauder gets extremely good reviews and I'd even try it with a head shot on a deer at close range with a 60-70grain pellet.

Dang-it...! we keep this up we'll have to add an air gun section to the forum just to chit chat and share our enjoyment of that great hooby to....!

Peace, Map
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