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Default Re: Should I trade my 1995 Clear creek Schwinn for this

Thanks Map.. you know I told her not to back talk but she wouldn't listen so crack !! LOL JK I'm not that guy. It is what it is I pray every day she gets better!! .

I hear ya about the enchilada's I know exactly what your talking about after you peel off the corn husk you can tell right away.As you, I also like the greasy not dried out ones.

Now up here we have Steamers and Lobsters and Rock crab, Blue crab "same as the ones down there" and OMG the delicacy of Cape Cod scallops these bad boys are soooo sweet they sell for over $30 bucks a pound. When ever we have a clam bake we all hit the beach dig a big ass hole start a fire .. a big fire when all the wood burns down we fill it with boulders about the size of basket balls to softball size.

We then build another fire on top of that then when that dies out we get trash barrels full of a certain kind of seaweed, we lay it over the hot rocks then put the steamers lobsters on that then cover that with more seaweed then some cheese cloth dump couple beers on the lot of it ,this causes mass amounts of steam then cover it all with the sand we dug out every one hangs out at the beach for several hours then we dig it up and feast OMG is it good !!!
Thats what we call a traditional New England Clam bake some guys toss sausages ligusa potatoes all kinds of stuff hot dogs you name it just don't put any of that stuff on top of my scallops clams and lobster and we will be fine!

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