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Default Re: Like I needed another hobby...

welcome to the site and to the hobby man although i warn you that it is highly addictive, ...once you take your first ride you just can't let that be it, lol.

anyway, BarelyAwake is definitely from Maine and he definitely knows his stuff, ...i've never met the man personally but i just love his work, very professional so if you have him in your corner you are way ahead of the game.

...and this site is chock full of information on all things motorized bicycle related and it is also populated with many expert members who are very willing to help you if you run into trouble.

post up some pics of the bike man, we all love to look at pictures, here's a pic of mine to get you started, lol.

...btw, let me know if you'd rather i pulled the pic, it's just that i just put new wheels and tires on and i'm still enjoying how sweet she looks with the new sneaks.

peace, bozo
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