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Default Like I needed another hobby...

Howdy! I was referred here this weekend by BarelyAWake (I think) who I met at a scooter rally here in Maine. I was eyeing his trike and we got talking. Last year I bought an old beater cruiser frame that happened to come with a gas motor attached to it, so what the heck, here i am. I haven't had it running yet, I started by taking the whole thing apart to weld the frame back together, it was broken at two points. But I'm now looking to start tinkering on it. Pretty sure it's missing some parts. I'm at step 0 with it, I'm not sure how many cc's it is, what make it is or if there's anything wrong with it. I'm going to start simple by just mounting it back up on the cruiser it came on with a single speed coaster hub for testing, and if it gets going, i'll eventually move it over to a multi speed hub on a different frame for more serious use. So I'm really looking forward to having a resource like this site!
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