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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by edangel View Post
today i took my china girl for a ride first time for her here in fla the last time i fired her up was about 2 mo ago but i drain the tank and ran her out of fuel to moved it took about 10 nin to get her to fire but when i took her down the street witch were i live is flat now in stead of tn i dont know if i picked up trash she idles fine and when u run it dont want to move out of her own way full thoth but if u bring it haft way it runs
Check the fuel jet for varnish build up from the old fuel. Even though you ran the carb dry before storing her, there will still a little bit of fuel left inside the float bowl that can varnish up the teeny tiny metering hole in the jet, reducing it's size.
This will also account for why it can supply enough fuel at partial throttle positions but not enough fuel at full throttle.
Considering that you did run her dry, at least the volume varnish buildup won't be enough to gum up the whole insides of the float bowl assembly.
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