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Default Re: Should I trade my 1995 Clear creek Schwinn for this

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Personally I'd trade one of my bikes that has an engine already set up on it straight across for that bike and never blink an eye....... that is a good frame to make a much better bike than any of my three motorized bikes that I have now..........!

thats easy to say from the photo's the forks are flat steel not rounded same with the frame near the wheel the tubing goes into flat stock and Its made in England I guess it was made for western auto and I guess they had numerous bike companies make their bikes back then so many infact a source said Iprob never find out what co made it .

If it is still there next friday I will trade him it "best part about it is he is only open on the weekends " I've been jonesing for an old bike like this I also found this one down the street ..well next town over He wants 125 for !!
Can anyone tell me what this one is and if it's worth the buck 25?

If not for my own personal use , there are people out there shorter than me . I had visions of painting it all flat black like a charcoal look but it still has the original pinstriping on it and I just could never bring myself to paint over that

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