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Talking Re: Yo, Canadian New Guy.


Thanks for the welcomes. I have been reading a lot of the posts and added links on repair and preventative maintenance. Lots of good help and advice.

Think I am going to putter around with the carb today. Give it the full inspection. Throttle cable seems to be loose since the crash. Hope I didn't break anything else.

Any recommendations on the needle settings? I live at sea level. Not sure exactly how many settings I have yet as I haven't taken it apart yet. I think I read somewhere that it should be in the middle for sea level.

I totally skipped the break in period too. Running 50:1 mix ratio or there about. The motor does seem to develop a hiccup at high rpm with full throttle. Any more recommendations??

As for the pics, I just copied the URL from my fb page.

And yes totally addicted; hardest part will be waiting for parts. I work a 4 on/ 4 off schedule and this crash totally messed with my plans for these days off.
Hopefully the parts are in before next days off.

Happy motoring,,,,peace.
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