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Thumbs up Re: Yo, Canadian New Guy.

Canada... what part of Minnesota is that in? LOL
Seriously, welcome, welcome. You are in the right place, lot's of good help here. I have the 49cc Grubee stage III, and have had no problems. That's the deal with these kits- never perfect, usually good, sometimes bad.
You seem to have things in hand, removing the chain tensioner and what not. I recently laced my first wheel, and after really seeing how lightweight the materials are, I am pretty worried about failures. Glad you lived through tearing yours up! Make sure everythings' tight and true, and ride it.
I believe it would benefit you to replace the cheap Chinese bolts that came with your kit. I recently installed American made fasteners in mine, and it's great. They fit better, and I wasn't constantly worried about snapping them off.
Most important is that you got up and got back on that contraption. You're already hooked!

(still can't see your pics)
It's cooler to not fall off your bike.
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