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Default Re: Reasons for riding Motorized Bicycle

I built an motorized bicycle for cheap transportation. Actually, it is a time machine to my youth. When I was about 11 a friends father made a bicycle with a reverse acting clutch that tightened a belt from the engine pulley to a pulley welded to a shortened crank. That drove a small sprocket on the right side to a regular front sprocket at the rear hub. A five-horse Briggs provided more go than a kid should have. No pedals required. We rode that thing everywhere and back. One day a really nice bike showed up in the trash at work. A coworker didn't want it anymore. Your trash, my treasure. But still all I did was pedal. After a year or so my wife bought a kit from DAX as a surprise gift. It sure is a great feeling to move through the world without a cage to dull the senses. Did I mention that I built my motorized bicycle for cheap transportation?

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