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Default Hi there, new here.

Hello everyone,

My name is Jeff. I'm 40, been messing with or tearing things apart/ rebuilding them since I can remember. I'm an artist and a luthier, I have my own guitar repair and customization business called FabGear where most of my work is replicating celebrity guitars.

As of late, life circumstances and family health issues (both my mom and my aunt, her sister, are suffering from non curable forms of cancer). this has made me want something to "distract' me and give me a project I could work on; something different than what I've been doing recently and something that may be a positive in a time of negatives.

That is what has brought me here. I've started amassing some parts and information in order to start my own project, as well as picking up someone else's castoff project I was going to originally strip for parts for my own and in the process I found this forum and decided that it would be a good idea to join.

I appreciate all the information everyone here has collected and I'll try as I'm working on my own project(s) to not ask too many questions that others have asked before.... I'm a member of many established forums and I know how annoying that can be.


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