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Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
What a strange thing to think that Harley Davidson dealers were selling these and that they were the only mopeds made in America with an American made frame and engine. The wheels had thick spokes and French made Atom hub brakes... very well made. Unfortunately the chainsaw engine was grossly under powered with friction drive to the rear wheel. Top speed was 15 mph going full out. I saw a video of someone riding one he restored. A fellow in a truck was riding next to him to check the speed and the moped guy calls out "How fast am I going?" The unenthusiastic response was "Thirteen miles per hour." Stock it looks like something from a cartoon, yet look what can be done with that frame, as evidenced by this thread. The original looks like it was designed by a committee on Monday morning after a rough weekend. It just makes you wonder.
What it looks like happened and we will never know unless we could talk to someone that worked at Harley then is it was suppose to get a motor like I'm doing with it. But for some odd reason, most like bean counters fault it didn't happen so it came out way under powered. Just like the Mustang II of that time frame.
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