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Anyone know anything about the Beeman (Beaman) .22 pellet rifle that Wally World sells for $130 ?
It's supposed to fire at 1800fps and has an 8X scope. I'm a pretty fair shot with a long gun so those pigeons will be in danger if that gun is any good.


Yes I do Tom, My younger brother has one of them and he really likes it, his is the .177 cal model which doesn't have as much knock down power as the .22 cal does and he has had great results with his, very accurate air rifles, Beamann has been around for a long time and as far as I know they have never made junky air rifles, I have a China made knock off of either one of the RWS or Beamann models I've had for several years in .177 cal and I've keeled several Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels, Wild Feral Cats.... by the way which I really hate to shoot...,but here in the country you get to many of those running around and they will destroy the quail and other small game population.

To sum it up here Tom I'd say you wouldn't go wrong at all with the Beamann air rifle, put a good air rifle scope on it and dial it in at 30-40yds and you will really have a critter gitter.......Dang I'm glad we ended up on air rifle here, another one of the thing I really enjoy when I have the time.

Here are a few links to some great deals on some air rifles.

The link below is a place to get awesome pellets that will knock those critter in the dirt quick...

Tom here is a link to a dual cal. Beamann rifle that comes with .177 barrel and a .22 cal barrel, this is just $30 bucks more than the Wally World Rifle and its like having two rifles in one, this is the one my brother has with only the .177 barrel for his.

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